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The selection of CBD 4Collectors balms so you can use its benefits. CBD balms are specific to relieve muscle and joint pain, effective as we have been able to verify and we are happy to share them with you to help you with your well-being.

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All 4Collectors cosmetics have undergone the strictest quality control tests to ensure the best product on the market.


4Collectors cosmetics come from natural ingredients. With these products, we ensure that they are not harmful to your skin and health. All the ingredients are beneficial for your health and are hypoallergenic.

100 percent natural


The ingredients of 4Collectors cosmetics come from ecological and environmentally responsible agriculture. None of our products contain pesticides, herbicides or the like. We choose farmers who produce organic farming to guarantee the health and well-being of consumers.

100 percent organic

Vegan / Not tested on animals

We guarantee that all our products are vegan and therefore do not contain any ingredients from animals, either directly or indirectly. In addition to not containing any ingredients of animal origin, our cosmetics have not been tested on animals.

100 percent vegan


None of the ingredients used in our products are GMO. That is, the ingredients are completely natural in origin and have not been genetically modified.



Our glass containers are 100% recyclable and our boxes are made with fruits and nuts in such a way that they are fully biodegradable.

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balm 3 percent cbd box 4collectors
balm 20 percent cbd bottle 4collectors
balm 20 percent cbd box 4collectors

We have a flowery surprise for you. With our packaging we include a seed card. Yes, you read it right. A card that is made with seeds!

balm 20 percent cbd 4collectors card2

Inside the box of our cosmetics you will find a coconut fiber filling. Along with this you can add some substrate, that is, soil. Once mixed inside the box, you can insert the card and water it. Oddly enough, you will have a totally biodegradable pot and some pretty wild flowers. We turn a waste into an opportunity!

In addition, our box is made up of recycled fruits and nuts.

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Buy CBD balms at 4Collectors and receive them at home

At 4Collectors we offer you the best CBD balms, with natural and organic ingredients, because your well-being is our well-being. The best quality of CBD cosmetics, ecological and vegan, with values and respectful with the environment.


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