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Get an organic CBD oil and ecological 100% using these CBD flowers to extract their resin.

We recommend the range of flowers Gorilla Glue to get started in the process of making CBD oil at home.

Note that the percentage of CBD extracted for the oil it is different depending on the concentration of CBD in the flower. We have flowers with a higher concentration of CBD, and it is advisable to start from less to more. Just below you can see a table with the CBD values for each variety.

% of CBD from flowers for CBD oil:

Master KushstrawberryGorilla Glueamnesia hazeFruit CakeLemon Haze

Buds to make CBD oil:

  • -20% bud lemon haze cbd

    Lemon Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 6.2978.65 VAT incl.
    5.0362.92 VAT incl.
  • -20% cbd bud amnesia ago

    Amnesia Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 5.8172.60 VAT incl.
    4.6558.08 VAT incl.
  • -20% bud master kush cbd

    Master Kush CBD

    GreenHouse Variety 2.90181.50 VAT incl.
    2.32145.20 VAT incl.
  • -20% bud cbd fruit cake

    Fruit Cake CBD

    Indoor variety 6.7842.35 VAT incl.
    5.4233.88 VAT incl.
  • -20% bud gorilla glue cbd

    Gorilla Glue CBD

    Indoor variety 4.84302.50 VAT incl.
    3.87242.00 VAT incl.
  • -20% cbd strawberry bud

    Strawberry Amnesia CBD

    Indoor variety 4.3654.45 VAT incl.
    3.4843.56 VAT incl.
  • -20% cbd small premium 2gr

    Small Premium CBD

    Indoor variety 3.637.26 VAT incl.
    2.905.81 VAT incl.
  • -20% orange bud cbd bud

    Orange Bud CBD

    Indoor variety 7.6238.12 VAT incl.
    6.1030.49 VAT incl.
  • -20% purple haze cbd bud

    Purple Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 7.3836.91 VAT incl.
    5.9029.52 VAT incl.
  • -20% flower sweet cream k cbd

    Sweet Cream K CBD

    Indoor variety 7.8739.33 VAT incl.
    6.2931.46 VAT incl.

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