Documentary: Hemp. Cultivation and traditional processing of fabrics and fibers

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Is hemp an opportunity to revive traditional textile culture?

Yes it is! Not in the way of proceeding as in this documentary because thanks to advances we now have a more optimized process, but it is undoubtedly the great alternative.

We loved this documentary (Video at the end), it has been curious how it has entered us into a space of tranquility, curiosity and all ears to learn about this interesting process told in great detail about the processes of making hemp textiles.

In the 30-minute mini-documentary we see how Adolfia, Aunt Serena, Alfredo and others teach us that hemp has been an excellent raw material for making fabrics. We will also learn words and concepts like seed, cooking in the sun, vencillo knot, garbas in modolones, mallar, riscla, winnowing, gramar, and a very interesting one: the Lisiva. Most of them obsolete, but some still useful today.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a plant in the same family as cannabis, and is one of the oldest natural fibers used to make textiles. It has a variety of uses, from skin care to making textile products. Hemp fiber is a strong natural fiber, making it ideal for the production of strong and durable fabrics. Just as it was used until its demonization.

hemp cultivation

It is the plant cultivated for centuries that easily adapts to changes in climate and resources, which makes it a very popular plant among farmers. Farmers can grow hemp to make quality, durable, and comfortable fabrics. In the documentary we will see a specific and curious planting method, nothing to do with cannabis plantations for CBD flowers For example.

Traditional production of fabrics and fibers

The manufacture of fabrics with hemp is a traditional technique that dates back to the ancient Chinese emperors. But as we can see, it is not necessary to go that far back to see that it has been used in a common way and use in our Iberian Peninsula. Hand weaving techniques are used to create strong and durable hemp fabrics. These fabrics are used to make various textile products such as clothing, hats, sails, jackets, shoes, bags, and other fashion pieces.

We want to recover the production of hemp fabricsWe are fascinated by the clothes made with hemp together with cotton, as well as the socks that I have that are incredible and that we will soon present on the blog, subscribe so that we will notify you when we have the post ready.

Qualities of hemp fiber when processing it:

  • The brin, the best quality
  • Tow, medium quality
  • The blur, the latest quality

Enjoy in a relaxed way and accompany it with a good CBD 😋

We hope you like it and enjoy watching it as much as we do.

Some advantages of hemp

Hemp is a strong natural fiber with numerous beneficial properties for the environment. It is a very strong and durable fiber, which means that products made from it will last a long time. In addition, it is a moisture resistant fiber, which means that products made with it will have a longer shelf life. Finally, hemp is a sustainable fiber, since it can be grown without the need to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

To end…

Our most sincere thanks to Eugenio Monesma and your team for bringing us this and many other interesting documentaries of great value that we can find on his YouTube channel, we suggest visiting his channel 🙏😃

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