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Dry Sift CBD

  • THC: 0.17 %
  • CBD: 15.14 %

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This CBD Dry Sift is without a doubt the best you can get on the market. It is creamy and sweet with hints of fruit. You won't be disappointed with the smooth texture. It comes apart with incredible ease. If you pay attention you can see a slight touch of Coca Cola. The color it presents defines the hard extraction work involved in having this product. It has a greenish-veis color. The best news of all is that we have as much as you want!

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A Authentic Dry Sift, with real scent to CBD flowers and the texture and effects of the best you can expect. With a THC level of less than 0.2%.

It comes from varieties grown indoors. So ecological under the supervision of experts and totally natural. Like all our products and with biodegradable and sustainable 100% packaging.

What is a dry sift?

The dry sift, from the English "dry sifting", is the high purity hashish. Made by extraction with cannabis preserving the active components of the plant (full spectrum). Our Dry Sift is made without solvents or chemicals and mechanically to extract the trichomes through friction and temperature changes.

How to save it?

Since 4Collectors We propose two good options for storing the dry sift to keep it in perfect condition. The purpose is to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes of the dry sift in and facilitate its handling. The first, and that we all have at home: wrapped in baking paper and stored in a glass jar. And the second, in a non-stick silicone pot specific for concentrates and resistant to high temperatures.

Best ways to consume dry sift

We cannot and do not recommend its consumption. The users who report their ways of use and known experiences to us is the use through an oiler or bubbler, a special pipe for extractions that is usually made of glass. Ideal to enjoy the flavors and effects of this concentrate.

It also can mix with tobacco or CBD flowers to extinguish it to ashes and enjoy all its aroma and nuances.

Buy Quality Dry Sift

Our dry sift It is authentic and of the highest quality. We invite you to compare with others and draw your own conclusions.

What characteristics does a good dry sift have?

You have to take into account its smell, color and consistency. And buy with:

  • Golden colour.
  • Consistency similar to fine and semi compact beach sand.
  • smell equal to CBD flowers.

Buy Dry sift at 4Collectors and confirm what we told you.

Effects of the Dry Sift

The effects of the Dry Sift are relaxing, anti-inflammatory and specifically all those offered by CBD. Because the product is only the concentrate of the resin extracted from the flower, therefore, it is very similar to the other CBD formats. Only, in this format, people usually use it smoked, but you can use it however you want.

Other information about dryshift

It is also known by other names such as: dry sift hash, hashish dry, dry haze, hash dry, semi dry hash and dry hash. You just have to know that it is the same product. Afterwards, the quality and use that you give it is what will make the difference 🙂

It is a cured product, with a very pleasant smell and ease of use. A very popular product at 4Collectors. If you like, this dry is a very good option.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Dry Sift CBD

  1. iki

    The second dry sift that I buy, this time with the flowers and all of 10. Do not hesitate to buy from these people because they deserve a 10!

  2. Vicens

    The best dry sift without a doubt, and I have compared it as you indicate and I will repeat and recommend it

  3. Xavi

    Brutal, beautiful!! Motl molt recommendable!! Thank you for selling a dry sift of cbd so good, I have found me!!

  4. Carolina G.

    Recommended 100×100 and a client for all my life, I loved meeting you and talking with you. I have regained the power to relax and help me sleep better. I definitely recommend it 😀

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