How to take CBD?

CBD can be taken in various forms. The most common forms are inhaled, ingested and cutaneous.

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This is the oldest known form since transformations of the plant or, in this case, of the CBD flowers. It is the most common and oldest consumption. With this method an almost instantaneous effect is achieved, since the smoke enters our lungs and from here it is in contact with our blood capillaries.


In this process, our digestive system has to assimilate the cannabinoids through digestion. That is why the process is slower. This method requires in some way a transformation process of the raw material, the flower. Like for example, the cbd oil, an infusion or a tea.

What kind of transformation is that?

We could say transformation since we have to develop a preparation method such as mixing it with some lipid (fat) in order to assimilate the cannabinoids. It is as simple as preparing an infusion with animal or vegetable milk. In this way, the cannabinoids remain attached to the fat and we can assimilate them through them. We recommend how to do this preparation in our fixed stories on Instagram.
On the other hand we have CBD oils or tinctures. This is the most comfortable way to consume CBD in a controlled way since, through CBD oils made through strict quality control, we can know the exact concentration of CBD. It is enough to take it sublingually for a faster effect. We can also include it in our salads or meals as long as we do not heat the oil.

In this article you can use the CBD calculator to know the dose you need.


We can use our CBD salves or CBD oils on the skin as we would any other moisturizing oil. CBD has many beneficial properties for our skin. 4 Collectors CBD Oil is made from gourmet olive oil. It is a totally natural and ecological oil that does not cause damage to the skin. Dermatologically tested.

There are many studies that show that CBD is beneficial in many aspects for the human being. However, the information shown here is not medical advice. Before attempting to substitute CBD for any other medication, a medical assessment by an expert is required.

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