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Welcome to 4Collectors, the store where you can find out about and buy organic and aromatic CBD infusions. Use its relaxing benefits and let yourself be carried away by the aroma. Also with a biodegradable 100% packing. It's relaxation time!

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Do you have a friend or family member who has a hard time relaxing or sleeping? You can consider buying CBD flowers to give away, give him a detail that can help in his situation or share this page with him so that he considers CBD Bio infusions since they are healthy and provide many benefits.

We particularly use it, it helps me calm my mind on certain busy days and many tasks. Remember, as we mentioned before, there are some details to know to make the infusion well and obtain all its benefits, just above you have the link to access the recipe.

I, in particular, love herbal teas and I use the benefits that plants give us. That's why I'm going to make some suggestions.

Benefits of CBD infusion

CBD infusions are a healthy alternative to using CBD without the need to resort to smoke and vaporization. Since you can use it in water with drops of oil or milk, learn how to do it right. Among the benefits of CBD infusion are the following:

CBD infusion to relieve pain

Used for its analgesic properties, it is effective in reducing pain. You can relieve pain in joints, muscles, bone pain and chronic pain in some cases, among many others. Study your case and see if it can help you.

Digestive improvements of CBD infusions

CBD uses receptors that are also found in the digestive tract and helps relieve pain such as cramps, diarrhea, and heartburn. You can combine the infusion with other plants such as:

  • Melissa leaves (Melissa officinalis)
  • Lemon verbena leaves (Aloysia triphylla)
  • sage leaves (Salvia officinalis)
  • marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis)
  • chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla)

It can be a good way to reduce gastric reflux, constipation and facilitate digestion.

CBD Infusions Reviews:

We solve doubts about CBD infusions

What is a CBD infusion

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It is the infusion of cannabis through milk or water (learn how). And the way to use the CBD from the flowers or by drops of oil. In a simple, comfortable and used by many. Preparing a CBD tea helps to relieve pain, anxiety, sleep better and among many other benefits, used to its extent.

What pains does CBD remove?

It is a delicate question, it removes pain related to inflammation and the nervous state. You have to know that it depends on variable factors. It has an analgesic and anxiolytic effect among many others. We invite you to read more about this on our blog.

How much CBD to sleep?

Using 0.5g of flower, 10mg or a drop of 5% oil to start with and then adjusting your dose is appropriate. The appropriate amount is variable according to each one and their situation. You can follow the recommended amount of CBD guide that we have on the blog.

How to use CBD for the first time?

Follow the suggestions and steps to prepare the CBD infusion explained above, and without fear. CBD does not produce side effects when used properly and the margin of error is very wide. Read carefully and if you have questions ask.

When should I take CBD?

You can use it at any time of the day. If you choose a space of the day where you can take a few minutes to relax and disconnect, you will make better use of its benefits. Do your part, relaxing music, dim light and a good aroma always help 🙂

What happens if I take CBD in the morning?

It's all good, you can use it in the morning. Just keep in mind that the relaxation effect allows you to do the activities you have to do. The suggestion is that you know your best time to use it and take the opportunity to relax by creating the right space.

Legal notice, CBD infusions are for aromatic use and are not to be consumed.
Current regulations do not allow the sale of CBD for consumption.

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CBD infusions at home

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It is not a joke! The best CBD flowers for infusion. At 4Collectors you have the best quality of CBD infusions. Exquisite aromas to share with you and your friends.

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