For a long time the varieties of cannabis SKUNK are used to refer to potent strains of cannabis. It has also been used in street slang to refer to illegal varieties, especially in other countries where part of the cannabis market is already regulated.

In this case we have sponsored the concept of Skunk marijuana to refer to organoleptically powerful and high in CBD.

If you're wondering what Skunk is, it actually means skunk, where the term originates from the United States. Where it has been used for decades to precisely name varieties with powerful aroma characteristics.

They are generally stimulating varieties with citrus nuances.

On 4Collectors we have varieties which are not originally called Skunk but even so, taking into account the concept, we can attribute it without disheveled to some of the varieties that we have. Due to its powerful aroma that does not leave you indifferent.

Skunk CBD

  • -20% bud lemon haze cbd

    Lemon Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 6.2978.65 VAT incl.
    5.0362.92 VAT incl.
  • -20% cbd bud amnesia ago

    Amnesia Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 5.8172.60 VAT incl.
    4.6558.08 VAT incl.
  • -20% bud gorilla glue cbd

    Gorilla Glue CBD

    Indoor variety 4.84302.50 VAT incl.
    3.87242.00 VAT incl.
  • -20% cbd strawberry bud

    Strawberry Amnesia CBD

    Indoor variety 4.3654.45 VAT incl.
    3.4843.56 VAT incl.
  • -20% orange bud cbd bud

    Orange Bud CBD

    Indoor variety 7.6238.12 VAT incl.
    6.1030.49 VAT incl.
  • -20% purple haze cbd bud

    Purple Haze CBD

    Indoor variety 7.3836.91 VAT incl.
    5.9029.52 VAT incl.
  • -20% flower sweet cream k cbd

    Sweet Cream K CBD

    Indoor variety 7.8739.33 VAT incl.
    6.2931.46 VAT incl.
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