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An anxious and stressed mind, which does not stop generating thoughts and overwhelming you, can be one of the reasons why you cannot sleep. Here we are going to see one of the ways to calm this anxiety and be able to sleep. In our blog we have already talked about other methods to solve the problem of sleep and we are going to talk about the Sleep cigarette to sleep, which is a vape to sleep.

In particular, I think that natural products are the best choice to help us sleep.

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What is it? vape to sleep

The Sleep cigarette is an aromatherapy vape that contains melatonin essence, lavender extract, L-theanine, chamomile and grape extract, propylene glycol and finally vegetable glycerin. According to sources it helps to relax and fall asleep. Like CBD, it is not addictive and gives off a lavender aroma, but it is not as natural as it seems.


Contains propylene glycol, which is a polyhydric alcohol. Studies indicate that it causes some respiratory tract irritation and mild lung inflammation, but no serious health effects are known.

Another drawback is that the Sleep cigarette is for single use and is not refillable.

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Before buying Sleep cigarette to sleep

Have you paid attention to what happens when you breathe in and out? It is what gives us life, and specifically, when we do it deeply, it allows us to regulate our nervous state and calm our body and mind. This is also one reason why smoking, in addition to the substance that also has its effects, produces a relaxing effect on us.

Something to keep in mind is that anxiety cases have increased by 28% in the last two years. If we look around us, we can find a large number of reasons to justify our lack of ability to manage the situations that lead us to stress. In other articles we will delve into the solutions for this.

Alternatives to the sleep cigarette to sleep

Specifically, speaking of CBD we have two very good alternatives, one is to use the CBD flowers and the other is the use of oil, if you have serious complications, do not hesitate to try it because it will help you, which is specifically the most comfortable way. I use the 15% CBD oil, three drops and I'm left fried on complicated days. Below I leave the alternatives to Sleep to sleep that you can use in drops or as a vape to sleep:

Without a doubt, CBD is the best alternative

To give you an idea of the amount of CBD to take, you can consult this table and ask us if you have any questions:

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The use of CBD for sleep is widespread and a large number of men and women use it. The good effects are palpable instantly and I particularly use it.

Also, try combining CBD with one of these relaxation sessions to sleep, I have used it in particular on hard days and it has helped me a lot:


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