Spannabis: history, evolution and our opinion of the fair


Spannabis is the most important cannabis fair in Spain and is specifically organized in Barcelona. It is considered one of the best cannabis fairs in the world. Since its founding in 2003 Spannabis has been evolving and at the forefront of the cannabis industry, offering visitors a wide variety of cannabis-related culture, products, services and solutions. In this article, we will explore the history and evolution of the Spannabis fair. But first, a brief summary of current Spannabis.

Information Spannabis 2023:


  • March 10, 11 and 12, 2023
  • Exclusive event for people over 18 years of age


(Ticket office opening at 10:00)

  • Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

ticket price

  • €25 – 1 day ticket
  • €55 – 3-day pass


  • €22 – 1 day ticket
  • €50 – 3-day pass

And now on to the topic:

Origins of Spannabis

Spannabis was founded in 2003 as a small fair for cannabis-related products. Since then, it has grown and evolved into a world-class event that attracts thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. The fair is organized by the Spannabis cannabis association, which works to promote the responsible use and legalization of cannabis in Spain and around the world. An arduous task and at this point it is disappointing that it has to be like that.

Spannabis Evolution

Over the years, Spannabis has undergone a series of changes and improvements to offer its visitors a unique and satisfying experience. Cultural, informative and artistic exhibitions such as musical performances are a delight, as well as artisan gastronomic proposals and new vegetarian options, etc.

Each year the number of exhibitors, activities and events increase, and the quality of the products and services available at the fair has improved. In addition, Spannabis has expanded its reach internationally, attracting visitors and exhibitors from around the world.

Importance of Spannabis in the cannabis industry

Spannabis sets trends and shows a reality: An established plant with great potential and use by all that some insist on hiding, censoring and prohibiting. It is more than just a fair for cannabis-related products. It is a space for industry professionals to meet, share knowledge and establish new business relationships. The fair is a place where visitors can learn about the latest trends and innovative products in the cannabis market, and where exhibitors can present their products to a wide and diverse audience. In short, Spannabis is a critical platform for the growth and success of the cannabis industry.

In conclusion, the Spannabis fair is an essential event for anyone interested in cannabis, whether professional or consumer. From its origins in 2003 to its current status as one of the world's best cannabis fairs, Spannabis has proven to be a major force in the cannabis industry and a key space for networking and collaboration. Do not miss the next edition of Spannabis, the leading fair in the cannabis world in Spain. With more than 20 years of experience, Spannabis is the perfect place to discover the latest innovations, products and trends in the world of cannabis. During the fair, you'll be able to meet industry leaders first-hand, participate in discussions and workshops, and enjoy a wide variety of exhibits and activities. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible experience!

Our opinion on Spannabis

A fair with such diversity surprises, it is nice to share the event with a wide range of ages from 18 to over 80 years old and that converge in a wide variety of styles that you can imagine as; great professionals, scholars, people with great self-learning, rapers, punk gamers, emos, highly educated people in general who have been a pleasure to meet and share some conversations with.

It is not that we like to classify or separate ourselves into groups of people, but we do like to see and highlight characteristic traits of personalities, each one very interesting. In essence we are equal and share humanity.

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