Who are we

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4Collectors sé fundó en el año 2020 por un grupo de jóvenes emprendedores de varios sectores del mundo profesional con un punto en común. Ese punto es el Cannabis sativa L.


We deeply believe and we have checked for ourselves the great benefits of this plant. A plant with great enemies such as the oil lobby, pharmaceutical companies, the paper industry, the automotive industry and many others. That's why the cannabis plant It is a threat to the powers that be in this world and for that reason, it became a stigmatized and forgotten plant.

We believe that between all of us, we can reactivate and place this plant outside of the current paradigm to take advantage of its multiple benefits.
On 4Collectors We have been studying the plant for years and have even done a thesis and several investigations with this species.


Our mission, among many other purposes, is to reach as many people as you want quality products, ecological, respectful with the environment and leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint in cultivation, transport, transformation and packaging.

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